Consultancy services



Special Premises - We offer consulting services at every stage of a project. Be it before the decision to realize the project, in the selection of the right plot of land, in the classic representation of the building owner or in the permitting process.







Project Development 

The development of a project is probably one of the most complex tasks in the real estate industry. The number of different stakeholders such as investors, banks, authorities, politicians makes a project an adventure.

We help you to set up your project properly from the very beginning.

  • Definition of the project plan
  • Budget preparation and controlling
  • Negotiations with local authorities 
  • Acquisition of potential customers for each development
  • Supporting our customers regarding design management and process optimization of the development

Data Center

In general Data Centers require a deep technical knowledge and resilient infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted uptime and so critical services.

In this context, we offer a deep understanding of the necessary connections in order to be able to develop such properties with our customers. Furthermore, our market penetration and professional experience in a rapidly developing industry helps us to provide you with the right recommendations to initiate a successful project.
In addition, we handle, manage and coordinate due diligence processes.